From the moment I took my first breath, she was there….smiling ever so brightly. Her voice soothed me. Her touch guided and comforted me. She was the first person I saw when I opened my eyes and the last person when I fell asleep. She coached me day after day to be the best I could be.

After all these years, I’ve realized the motherly impact on my life. All my thoughts were formed from the mirror image of her care and concern. She molded my manners and hygienic rou- tines. She coached my ability to com- municate. Most of all, she filled my mind with possibilities. My dreams have been fueled by her belief in me!

She placed me on a pathway of ulti- mate self-discipline. She yelled, pleaded, begged, demanded, punished, rewarded, hugged, and kissed her ways of living into the fabric of my mind. My decision-making ability today was born and reared by her.

She helped me focus my energies on the tasks at hand and made me realize when I was off-track. She planted seeds of belief, expectancy, and knowing. She helped me grow into the confident person that I am.

She let me fail many times, only to pick me up after the lesson was learned. These moments were her greatest gifts. Through my failings and her guidance, I learned the dynamics of risk and reward that I still use today.

Mom, you taught me about family and tradition, and I value them because of you. You made the holidays special, and they radiate in my memory like they were yesterday.

You have been behind the scenes in the reality movie of my life. You were

the producer and director. You helped me write and re-write the script. With every chapter of my life that ended, you were always there at the beginning of the next one. And through each page until now, you have never asked for credit. You always let me be the star. Your sacrifices mostly went unnoticed, and not once did you complain or demand attention.

I placed you on a roller coaster of emo- tions as you watched me grow. Even though I tested you in every way, your intuition never wavered in its relentless pursuit of my overall well-being. Today, I see this as nothing short of amazing.

You were at every major event in my life. You cheered for me when I was failing and beamed with pride when I was a success. You have been the one constant in a world of variables. Your consistency is remarkable.

Several years ago, I booked a speaking tour in Europe and was told by my mom about her upcoming surgery. She said, “Don’t be alarmed, but I’m hav- ing a stent placed in my heart while you’re gone. Please know I’ll be fine.” Much to her disapproval, I postponed the tour and flew to Kentucky to be by her bedside. After a successful surgery, I waited patiently for her recovery.

Hours passed. Sensing something was wrong, I demanded to see her. After two hours, I learned my mom was dropped off her operating room table, and her kidney was sliced, leading to kdney failure. My mother looked me in the eye from her deathbed and com- manded with a whisper, “Take S.C.O.R.E.® to the masses. Promise me.” And with a heavy heart, I pro- claimed, “I will, Mom. I promise. I will.” With that said, she died.

The mission became very clear within weeks of the passing of my mom.

“Take S.C.O.R.E.® to the masses.”

I have opened a new coaching and training center in Oakbrook Terrace, IL, to continue fulfilling this promise to my mother. I will share the message and secrets of my S.C.O.R.E.® Success System with the masses through coach- ing, training, seminars, retreats, and speaking events.

For our inaugural grand opening, in honor of my mother and all women, I am conducting a “Women in the Zone™” in-person keynote event on Thursday, May 18th. This powerful event is com- pletely free to the public for the first 75 attendees who register. If you are unable to physically attend, the event will be live-streamed across the Jim Fannin Brands Network for all to stream. Not only will you hear from me, Jim Fannin, but you will also hear from two incredibly empowering women, entrepreneur, Epic Living™ Coach, and founder of The Transfor- mation Network™, Dr. Pat Baccili, Ph.D. and champion tennis player, international coach, and supermom, Ann Grossman. This truly is a change- your-life event.

We would love you to attend. If you are interested in this event, go to Jimfan-, and sign up through our events page!

I know my mom would be proud of what I am doing!

Mom…you are the world’s greatest coach. I love you, and thank you for who you have shaped me to be. I would give up all my earthly possessions to have lunch with you one more time.

I’m sure you may feel the same about your mother. Now (if possible), go call your Mom!

Be in the Zone!

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