– Tribute to Moms –

By Jim Fannin

From the moment you took your first breath she was there…smiling ever so bright. Her voice soothed you. Her touch guided and comforted you. Mom was the first person you saw when you opened your eyes and the last person when you fell asleep. She coached you day after day to be the genuine, authentic, best person you could be.

A mother’s impact on a child’s life is immeasurable. All your thoughts were formed from the mirror image of her care and concern. Mom molded your manners and hygienic routines, even screaming with delight when you finally made it to the big potty. She coached your ability to communicate. She taught you the alphabet, selected your kid’s shows, and oversaw basic learning. Most of all, your mother filled your mind with possibilities. Your dreams were fueled by her unconditional belief in you. Mom (although many Dads have this role) placed you on a pathway of ultimate self-discipline. She yelled, pleaded, begged, demanded, punished, rewarded, hugged, and kissed positive ways of living a simple, balanced and abundant life into the fabric of your mind. Your decision making ability today was born and reared by Mom.

Approximately at the age of five, Mom (while managing all of her other life arenas) helped you navigate the social interactions and drama of being in school for the first time. She organized your schedule of food, playtime, school programs, and other extracurricular sports, art, music and other activities. Your Mom helped you focus your energies on the tasks at hand and made you aware when you were off-track. She planted seeds of belief, expectancy, and knowing that have grown into the confident person you are today. Mom let you fail many times, only to pick you up after the lesson was learned. These moments were your greatest gifts. Through your failings and her guidance, you learned the dynamics of risk and reward that you probably still use today. Mom taught you about family and tradition and you value these family rituals because of her. She made the holidays and birthdays special and they radiate in your memory like they were yesterday.

“Your Mom helped you focus your energies on the tasks at hand and made you aware when you were off-track.”

Mom has been behind the scenes in the reality movie of your life. She was the executive producer and director. She helped you write and re-write the script. With every chapter of your life that ended she was always there at the beginning of the next one. And through each page until now, your Mom has never asked for credit. She always let you be the star. Her sacrifices mostly went unnoticed and not once did she complain or demand attention. As a teenager, you probably placed your Mother on a roller coaster of emotions, as she watched you grow. Even though you tested her in every way, her intuition never wavered in its relentless pursuit of your overall well being. This is nothing short of amazing. Mom was at every major event in your life. She cheered for you when you were failing, and she beamed with pride when you were a success. She has been the one constant in a world of variables.

Your mother’s consistency was remarkable. Before you went to college Mom worked the phones and the Internet to help you find the best school. She traveled across the country with you researching every campus. As you went to college, Mom helped organize your dorm room or living quarters on campus. She sent you care packages of food, supplies and of course, love. Even after college, Mom and Dad let you live at home until you landed a job and could survive on your own. Mom governed this “live-in situation” until you finally made your own life pathway. Money? Even though you might not have deserved it, Mom always reached into her purse to flip you an extra $10, $20 or $50. Simultaneously, Mom had another life.

Most of us never considered this. Your “Super Mom” was also a “significant other” spouse, mother to your siblings, daughter to your grandparents, sister to her siblings, leader in her own business or executive in a corporate world of stress and unpredictability, great friend, civic leader, charitable advocate, PTA president, homemaker, chef, cleaning crew, private chauffeur, COVID-19 medical advisor, clothing consultant, drill sergeant, swim coach, soccer coach, tennis coach, and of course, compassionate and helpful neighbor. Now we know why the biggest and toughest athletes always say, “Hi Mom” to the camera when they appear on national television. Moms of Hinsdale and surrounding communities…you are the world’s greatest coaches. We love you, revere you, and thank you!


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