Buyer. Leader. Visionary

– Tribute to Moms –

By Jen Foye

ancy Allodi, owner of local women’s boutique Vintage Charm, wears many hats as a small business owner. But her role as mother to four boys has been the perfect complement to her flourishing business. Nancy was a stay-at-home mom to her four sons until the youngest was ten. She enjoyed every aspect of it and was convinced she was meant to be the mother of boys, although she would have also been thrilled to have a daughter. Sitting on bleachers, car pools and mending each injury (physical and emotional) were roles she cherished. And let’s face it, boys love their moms! Along came Vintage Charm years later, which evolved from an antiques booth at Jackson Square Mall. Managing the connection between motherhood and business became an everyday task for Nancy. The store hours were initially 10 AM- 3 PM so Nancy could pick up two of her boys from elementary school. Prior to opening Vintage Charm, Nancy, then 45 years old, never worked in the retail industry and thought it would be fun for a while. Little did Nancy know that this store would fulfill her life in so many ways beyond what she could possibly imagine.

Vintage Charm has gown into a popular lifestyle brand and opened its fifth store location in 2018, but maintaining its local business essence will always remain a top priority for Nancy. “Strong ties are kept within each community we are a part of, through philanthropic efforts, strong engagement with our customers, as well as partnerships with local artists.” says Nancy. She is proud to have Vintage Charm locations in the most amazing communities that cherish family, friends and community. Her boys are her biggest supporters now, just as she was their biggest fan growing up. “Everything has come full circle and I couldn’t feel more blessed.” says Nancy.

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