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Naper Grove Vision Care

Dr. Michael Halkias felt a calling to practice optometry after his positive relationship with his optometrist at a young age. Today, he is paying it forward. “One of the most gratifying pieces of my job is to work with young kids and to follow their progress as they mature,” he said.

Eyecare, however, affects everybody at every phase of life. Practicing over the last 17 years at Naper Grove Vision Care has allowed Dr. Halkias the opportunity to help thousands of patients young and old, and he’s having the most fun and satisfaction of his career now doing just that.

After working in various healthcare fields as a young adult, he found his calling in optometry. Working in a private practice setting helps Dr. Halkias balance life and work, but also allows for independence, flexibility, and a more personalized care for patients not possible in larger health care group settings.

“I’m able to provide state-of-the-art health care, offer the latest fashion styles for individual tastes, and manage a business I’m passionate about and proud of; it’s truly a blessing,” he said,

But the most important piece to Dr. Halkias? The social interaction with his patients. “Almost daily, I hand out my personal cell phone number to patients,” he said. “Being an accessible health care provider in today’s world is invaluable.”

Dr. Halkias also ensures that his patients understand that optometrists can be used for medical emergency eye issues. “I tell my patients to visit us for eye related conditions before going to urgent care, a primary care physician, or a pediatrician for any issues that may be considered emergencies. Eyes are our specialty!”

A resident of Hinsdale with his wife, Jessica, and three children, Dr. Halkias, is proud to serve the health care needs in the community but also enjoys giving back to other organizations professionally and personally.

A member of the American Optometric Association and Illinois Optometric Association, Dr. Halkias also is involved with Little Friends, Wellness House, Madison Elementary, and Bridge Communities.

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