by Jim Fannin

This is a partial list of guidelines for a family to live, work and play in the Zone. Add to this list freely. After discussing and agreeing on each topic, everyone then pledges to honor the list.

1. Create and share a common family vision. Each family member should be involved.
2. Everyone should know each other’s
personal goals and encourage their positive pursuit.
3. Shame, ridicule, guilt and blame are to be eliminated.
4. Make everyone accountable for at least one task that benefits the whole family.
5. Positive talk and actions need to be recognized.
6. Make each person aware of negative talk or body language in a constructive way.
7. Each person pledges to sacrifice for the whole.
8. Set collective family goals.
9. Be the MVP of the family.
10. Tell the truth.
11. Participate in at least one community activity as a family.
12. Keep promises.
13. Use the 90-Second Rule™ when you arrive home. The first 90 seconds that you see a family member after being apart at least 2
hours has more impact than being with them for hours later. The first 90-second encounter says, “I love you, I miss you, I value you, I need you, I want you in my life.” Hug, kiss and or smile. Prepare to greet
your family with positives before the 90 seconds occurs. Avoid violating the 90-Second Rule™ by dragging negatives home from another life arena.
14. Wake up happy.
15. Go to bed happy.
16. Share the bathrooms fairly.
17. Let everyone know they are an integral part of the whole.
18. Communicate daily thankfulness.
19. Never talk negative about a family member to anyone outside the family.
20. Keep family business in the family.
21. Take an abundance of videos and pictures of the family.
22. Let everyone know the value of money.
23. Play music in the house daily.
24. Discuss and share your spirituality together.
25. Take pride in the family heritage.
26. Conduct short family meetings where everyone has a voice.
27. Know your family traditions and history.
28. Treat all relatives with respect.
29. Practice the Golden Rule with each other.
30. Share in the caretaking of pets.
31. Avoid watching television during dinner.
32. Avoid gossip, rumor and hearsay.
33. Never miss a funeral, wedding, anniversary or birthday of a family member or close family friend. Period.
34. Eat dinner together as a family.
35. Laugh every day together.
36. Avoid missing a ball game, play or family function.
37. Take days off together.
38. Discuss touchy issues openly and candidly without reprisals for differing opinions.
39. Respect each person’s privacy.
40. Let everyone speak and finish speaking.
41. Sing together.
42. Tell each person you love them.
43. Show each person you love them.
44. Defend the family honor.
45. Go for family walks
46. Everyone picks-up the house.
47. Take as many family trips as possible.
48. Everyone rallies around the family member that needs support.
49. Represent your family at all times in a positive manner.
50. Showcase unconditional love.