Photos by Marcello Rodarte

Dozens of ladies from Hinsdale and surrounding communities gathered at Hinsdale Golf Club for the Hinsdale Kitchen Walk luncheon on March 8.

The annual event hosted by the Hinsdale Historical Society (HHS) Women’s Board featured a panel discussion including Lauren Ashley Allan of LAA Interior Design, Corbin Horn of Hindman Auctions, Kara Mann of KARA MANN Designs and Hudson Moore of Frederic Magazine.

The HHS Women’s Board primary fundraiser is the annual Kitchen Walk which will take place on Friday, May 12. The theme for this year is “timeless tradition.” ■

Mala Thapar, Abbie Diamantopoulos, Chelsea Urban, Nicole Sleiman, Amanda Mancini, Kayla Weiss, Ashley Keeley, Caroline Flanagan.
Christal Virgilio, Sylvia Kos, Jiesi Patrevito, Katie Jones, Lynn Loman, Lauren Glandt, Marina Gastevski, Sena Slavik
Denise Marron, Meredyth Willits, Amy Prame
Sarah Cudney, Katherine Wessel, Antoanela Vaccaro
Alexis Braden, Sarah Zielke, Hope Lloyd Brown, Kristen Laakso
Carrie Rozich, Kristen Laakso