Independent and private schools continue to prosper

There are several exceptionally strong schools in the western suburbs. Many schools have a rich history and are recognized throughout their communities for academic excellence, various extracurricular programs, and inspiration for learning. Families and students have many great options for selecting a private or independent school. Visits to each school are crucial to making an informed decision, but understanding each school’s unique character – from the perspective of the school – is key to illustrating what each school offers. In this exclusive feature for Hinsdale Magazine Group, we highlight our partners to provide our readers with relevant information and help them discover each school’s unique characteristics.

Nazareth Academy, centrally located in the western suburbs in the heart of La Grange Park, offers a short commute for many families in the area. As one of the oldest educational institutions in the suburbs with a 124-year legacy of educating the whole person, Nazareth offers a small school atmosphere with “big school” opportunities.

Established by a pioneering group of Sisters of St. Joseph in 1899, Nazareth continues to be sponsored by the religious women of the Congregation of St. Joseph. Fourteen students were originally enrolled in a six-room house; today, it enrolls 800 students from more than 100 local grammar schools in over 65 communities.

Nazareth values scholarship, service, spirit, and unity, which underscore the Congregation’s mission and support the Catholic Church’s values. The academic approach has resulted in a legacy of high-achieving students who care for one another, feel seen and heard, respect the school community, engage in opportunities, and find a place to grow. Nazareth is a family where there is something for everyone.

The strong relationships built between students, teachers, and college counselors underscore the value Nazareth places in helping ALL students to succeed. The academic investment in students is reflected in the Class of 2023. Graduates are now enrolled at 78 different colleges in 28 states with over 33 million dollars in merit-based scholarships.

At Nazareth, 96% of students participate in a club, sport, or the Fine Arts. Student activities are a reflection of students’ passions and reflect the diversity of students’ interests. The dedication of student-athletes is incredible. Since the Fall of 2021, Girls’ Volleyball, Baseball, Football and Girls Basketball have all won State Titles.

Nazareth fosters a culture of inclusivity and a welcoming environment. When this is added to the outstanding academic curriculum, Nazareth can successfully care for the whole person while preparing them for success in college and beyond. ■