by Jim Fannin

We learn more from birth to five years old than the rest of our life accumulative. What prompted this super learning? My initial, proprietary research from 1974-1975 with over 250 children ages 3-6 years old revealed the following:

• Your imagination was at an all-time high. You acted the part of cowboys, Indians, princesses and TV heroes.
• You never thought about the past unless an adult forced you. “I told you not to do that.”
• You learned from the past through trial and error, but you didn’t dwell on it.
• Your future thoughts were very short term. “We’ll get an ice cream later.”
• You normally went to bed happy and woke up happy.
• You had very little expectations placed on you. Mistakes were no big deal.
• You exercised Free Will every day.
• You trusted people without thinking about innuendos, rumor, gossip and/or assumptions.
• You were inquisitive without concern of embarrassment or shame. “Where do babies come from?” “Why is your skin different?
• You did not worry.
• You lived the majority of your day in the NOW.
• You had confidence because you felt secure and protected.
• You could vent your displeasure openly. “Yuck! This tastes bad.”
• You always expressed your negative feelings. “I don’t like you.”
• You didn’t mind being alone.
• You took nothing for granted. “Are we still going to the park? Yes. (5 minutes later) “Are we still going to the park?” “I said yes.” (10
minutes later) “Are we still going to the park?” “Not if you keep bothering me.” “Okay, but are we still going?”
• You were a risk taker. Water…heights…speed…no problem!
• You could focus long periods of time on simple things like cartoons…watching an ant carry food… listening to the rain on your bedroom window.
• You played a lot every day.
• You exercised daily.
• You looked out for #1. “Those are my toys. Give them to me.”
• You said what you felt, and you were honest to a fault. “Mr. Johnson…why are you so fat?”
• You felt no racism or prejudice.
• When you played you never thought about technique. You just played the game.
• You believed adults.
• Clocks and watches never mattered.
• The phone was interesting but not really important.
• You had no bills.
• Your body was relaxed most of the time.
• You thought you could do anything. Everything was possible.
• You had deep sleeps. Alarm clocks were for adults.
• You could nap anywhere if needed. Floors… backseat of cars…closets.
• You didn’t like baths, but when you took them you made the most of it. How relaxing and fun! Showers were for adults in a hurry.
• You could always entertain yourself.
• Visualization was a major part of your life.
• Getting dirty was cool.
• Making mistakes never bothered you until the adults made a big deal out of them.
• Competition was natural, not something that was expected.
• You believed promises.
• You hugged a lot.
• You were always yourself, unless you were acting out a fantasy.
• Who…What… Where… When…How much…and Why were your favorite words.
• You played a lot with your family.
• You saw life through different glasses.
• You loved being with your cousins.
• You noticed everything in a room.
• You loved the outdoors.
• You loved rolling down a hill…making a snow angel…going up the slide…singing loud…laughing…milk moustaches…dressing up make-believe…birthdays…parades…puppies…seeing your cousins…learning to whistle…
• You genuinely loved yourself, family and life.

Basically, you lived in or near the Zone mindset of a purposeful calm where everything seemed possible. Isn’t it time to be a kid again? I promised myself that when I departed this earth a kid would die in my old body. Rekindle super-learning. Increase your daily performances and remember this: Good fortune favors the bold. Be a kid again!

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