By Larry Atseff

Beyond Words Dance Center is a dance studio in Lyons which teaches students from 2 through adult how to dance. Led by Kate Jablonski and a talented group of instructors, the studio has a well-known reputation in the western suburbs, including our circulation area. Dancing is a challenging physical activity, and because the pandemic has required masks during practice and competitive events, dancing has been that much more challenging this past season. In early May, Beyond Words competed in a regional dance event, LA Dance Magic, in Indianapolis. Over 25 troupes and 400 dancers competed. At this event, the dancers were able to perform without a mask for the first time. Jablonski said it was as though her group was finally really free to dance and show their true emotions through their faces. Did they ever! They received numerous overall awards and scored with elite honors. For more information, go to

*Photos by Brian Lipchik